Solution Monday exists to connect those working in data, AI/ML, DevOps, and analytics to highly relevant engagements and insights with the intention of building communities and creating meaningful, solution-oriented conversations.

StackWizard is a free, completely unbiased, data stack assembly wizard that was peer-built by members of the Solution Monday community.

Its purpose is to shorten the time needed to evaluate integration feasibility or map the features of new data tools from days, weeks, or months to just seconds.

Explore data tool compatibility and see the latest data tool category releases at

Data Teams Summit is an annual peer-to-peer day of empowerment for data teams that reflects our focus on the teams and individuals running, managing, and monitoring data pipelines.

Data Teams Summit is a full-day virtual conference, led by real-world data practitioners and leaders at future-forward organizations about how they're establishing predictability, increasing reliability, and creating economic efficiencies with their data.

Data Teams Summit returns in 2024 on January 24th with an all-new lineup of speakers, panels, and sessions. Keep track of announcements about DTS 2024 and view all of the sessions from our 2023, 2022, and 2021 summits on-demand free at

Open Source Data Summit is an annual peer-to-peer gathering of data industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts to explore the dynamic landscape of open source data tools and storage.

The central theme of OSDS revolves around the advantages of open source data products and their pivotal role in modern data ecosystems.

OSDS is the annual peer hub for knowledge exchange that fosters a deeper understanding of open source options and their role in shaping the data-driven future.

Open Source Data Summit 2023 was held virtually on November 15th, 2023. Stay tuned for 2024 speaker and session announcements at

Finding ways to efficiently conquer the modern data stack can become infinitely more possible when we’re able to gather together collaboratively as a community and discuss the tools and capabilities desired by future-forward organizations.

Data Stack Summit brings real-world perspectives from long-time data visionaries, data engineers, data and cloud architects, DataOps and DevOps practitioners as they talk through topics like the building blocks of the modern data platform, open source considerations, best practices for impactful data operations, migrations, data observability, and tuning data pipelines for performance at scale.

Data Stack Summit returned for 2023 on April 19th for our annual day of virtual peer-driven sessions and panels about the data stack. Keep up with future DSS announcements, submit a session proposal, and view all of the virtual sessions from 2022 and 2023 on-demand at

Data initiatives and priorities are often affected by resources, organizational structure, and data maturity, all of which can be different inside an enterprise-sized company or for teams processing data at scale.

Enterprise Data Summit is an annual summit where leaders from large companies looking to succeed with large-scale data systems can explore ways to modernize their data platforms, enable engineering best practices, allocate resources efficiently, and integrate new initiatives like FinOps and data observability.

Enterprise Data Summit 2023 was held live, virtually on June 7th. Watch all of the live sessions on-demand now at

We believe in the persistent evolution of agile data methods, strategies, and team enablement.

Data Agility Day was a one-day community gathering in the Fall of 2021 featuring peer-to-peer talks that focused directly on improving how value is extracted from data.

Talks covered how leading data teams are achieving the agility that enables decisions to be made faster and creates competitive advantages for their organizations.

Watch all of the sessions on-demand now at

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